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My Tumblr Background~ Hihihihi<3

My Tumblr Header~ Hihihi.<3

I'm not Inoo biased, believe me. *lies.:)



A sonnet dedicated to my loving future husband:>

Shall I compare thee to a star?

Whom I love and dream about from afar.

Afar - distance, that word makes me shiver

For that says the chances for us to meet is lesser.

Seas, oceans and mountains that hinder my love

But that won't stop me, for when I look above,

I see the sky then I remember,

The vow I made, "I can wait forever"

I know it may be impossible

But my heart said that my love for you is assailable

They say my love for you is an obsession,

But that won't let me fall into digression.

I know whom I love and I don't know why I do.

'Coz whoever you are and whatever you do, I know I love you.<3


       I have a message to the fans out there, don't lose hope with your bias, 'coz I won't.
Minna (atashi to issho ni) ~ Gambatte.:>



How can I put a header in my LJ ACCOUNT?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!:|

Just got home from review center.:| I don't have anything to do, and I thought about this several times. I decided to write this when I read a blog about this, I just want to share my own idea. Dozo~:)

It's about HSJ's resemblance and some sort of connection with their sempais in Johnny's.:D

Yabu Kota with Matsumoto Jun

       Actually, I feel that they're alike. I mean they both look GOOD. With all caps GOOD.:) They both release a cool atmosphere (for me) and they say what they want to say regardless of what people may think.:) They also have talent..:)))))

Takaki Yuya with Akanishi Jin
      Yay for Yuya. He got his idol. They are very much alike for me. Well of course, Yuya idolizes Jin and surely he would somehow copy Jin's style. They are both cool and handsome but I think Yuya has his own charm and he doesn't need to copy from others because being himself suits him very much. They also have the same voice and character.:)

Inoo Kei with Sakurai Sho

       First, they look alike and of course, they both look good.:)). Sometimes, their characters are also alike. Sho speaks alot but Kei doesn't, but their seriousness are somewhat the same. When their in the mood, they both burst out jokes that are unbelievably funny without them knowing it. Sho went to college and Kei is in college, so for me they are very persevering.:))))

Yaotome Hikaru with Nakamaru Yuichi
HAHA. They're both funny and they are the moodmakers for their groups. They look alike and they make great TV hosts. Aww. I wish Hikaru can host together with KoyaMaru.:))))) 

Chinen Yuri and Ohno Satoshi.

           IDK but I think Chinen's just copying his idol.>:P Hehe.:> Well actually, sometimes I say that their voices sound the same. And they dance wel too.

Yamada Ryosuke and Yamapi

           Well first of all, they're both HOT. and they have many dramas. They're both quiet and talented. I always think that Yama-chan will be the next Yamapi, but please Yama-chan, don't pose nude.:(

  Ryutaro Morimoto and Ninomiya Kazunari

They look alike. That's all. I rest my case.:>

****I don't really see Daiki and Keito's similarities with their sempais.:> Hehe.:)))) Bored here.:D Voicing out ideas from my lovely brain.:P

Hihihihi.<3 Just somethin' to share.:D




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